What is Simple WaterTracker?

We downloaded dozens of “Water Tracking” apps but found they all lacked simplicity. We decided to just make one ourselves! Now we record our water consumption with a single tap or swipe gesture.

HealthKit Integration

The water you record in Simple WaterTracker is recorded to HealthKit.

Tap or Swipe to Record

Simple tap or swipe up to record water!

Custom Goals

Adjust your daily water goal using left and right swipe gestures!

Progress Tracking


The water level in the app matches the amount you have consumed in relation to your daily goal. 

Quick Add

Drink from a water bottle? Set the size of the bottle at the bottom of the app and quick add anytime you finish it!

New Features

We push out new features and improvements regularly!

About Us

We’re a couple of computer engineers with a goal to improve the tools we use on a daily basis. We didn’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of time recording our water intake. Our team uses water bottles regularly so we didn’t want input the size of our drink every time we open an app. We chose to make make an app that only required a single tap or swipe.

Simple WaterTracker was developed and is owned by Modulatronix LLC.



Here are a few snapshots from the latest release!